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Alternative Auditions

What are alternative auditions?

This year, Pitches and Tones will conduct two rounds of auditions – the auditions held during the a cappella rush process, and a round of alternative auditions immediately after Tap Night (the end of rush). If you are interested in rushing Pitches and Tones, check out our rush page!

But maybe you\’re a first-year who is overwhelmed by rush and needs more time to figure out your extracurricular schedule, or maybe you\’re an upperclassman who just realized you\’re really interested in a cappella but can\’t or don\’t want to rush. We don\’t think that should disqualify you from doing a cappella at Yale, so we\’re conducting a second round of auditions the weekend after Tap Night (16-17 September) open to any undergraduate students who did not rush any a cappella groups this year. We especially encourage upperclassmen to audition because a major part of who we are is that we tap both upperclassmen and first-years, making sure that you have the choice to sing with us at any point in your time at Yale.

Whichever way you choose to audition for us, we\’re glad you\’re here!

Alternate auditions in three quick steps:

Sign Up

Use the icon above to sign up for an available audition slot, and we\’ll send you a confirmation email as soon as possible to let you know we\’re looking forward to hearing you! We\’ll tell you where to meet us for your audition and provide you with additional materials.


Your audition lasts about 15 minutes and will begin with a warm up, a quick test of your vocal range, and pitch recall exercises. Next, you will do a brief blending exercise and sing \”Demons\” with members of the group (link to sheet music above). You\’ll then sing the solo on one of the songs in our repertoire, and finally, you\’ll also sing a short solo of your choice!


If all goes well, we will get in touch with you very soon and invite you to join the newest class of Pitchlings. We\’re so excited to hear you sing and get to know you better!