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  1. What genres of music does Pitches & Tones focus on?

    Pitches and Tones’ repertoire is diverse and ranges from pop and rock to alternative and R&B. Our music is entirely arranged by our members and we’re constantly experimenting with different genres. We even have covers of Disney music and that one arrangement of the 2012 viral track “Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf” (it’s a long story).

  2. What are some distinguishing features of Pitches & Tones?

    Pitches & Tones is Yale’s second-youngest acapella group at a decade old (10-year anniversary this year!). We’re still growing, and we still have the flexibility to shape the musical direction and culture of the group. Right now, we’re producing new arrangements at an amazing rate, sharing our love of music with each other and creating new group traditions as we go on. We’re enthusiastic and quirky and can’t wait to see where this group goes in a few years, with the help of our new tap classes!

  3. What kind of musical experience do I need to join?

    We don’t care if you’ve never been trained in music and your closest encounter with a cappella was watching Pitch Perfect – come audition anyway! Our current members come from all sorts of musical (or not) backgrounds. Just know that whether you’re a trained and seasoned performer or a shower singer, Pitches & Tones has something for you.

  4. Do I need to be able to sight-read to sing with Pitches & Tones?

    Not at all! In fact, not all current members of Pitches knew how to sight read before they joined. If you can’t sight read, it will not be held against you, and it certainly won’t prevent you from being able to learn our music and perform with us.