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Auditioning for Pitches & Tones

Auditioning for Pitches & Tones 

We welcome singers of all levels to come and try out! Whether you’ve been singing for years or just want to try something new, we want to hear your voice. We’ve had singers of all types of backgrounds join Pitches & Tones, from freshman to seniors, from China to Connecticut–and we’d love to have you too!

Sign Up

Pitches & Tones will have a table at Marsh Jam on September 4, 2023, where you can sign up for an audition. If you missed it, you can email any of the rush managers or contact the Singing Group Council, and we can find you an available slot. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you an email as soon as possible to confirm your audition slot and let you know we’re looking forward to hearing you! We’ll tell you where to meet us for your audition and provide you with additional materials.


Your audition lasts about 10 minutes and will begin with a warm up, a quick test of your vocal range, and pitch recall exercises. Next, you will do a brief sight reading exercise and sing “The Storm is Passing Over” with members of the group (link to sheet music above). Lastly, you’ll sing a short solo of your choice!


If we feel that we need to hear you another time before making our decision, we will contact you within a few days of your audition and provide you with more detailed information about scheduling and preparing for your callback.